Company Background

In 1990 few of us knew what the Internet was, or how much the term “you’ve got mail” would redefine business communication.  Inflation and unemployment were both over 5% as the country muddled through a recession. Into these headwinds of both opportunity and uncertainty, former college pals, Jon Klaus and Bruce Beaty, formed VentureNet in the fall of that year.

Jon and Bruce have committed themselves to the vision of providing outstanding technical services to clients built on solid core values. Two decades later, VentureNet has matured into a full-scope IT managed services provider. Offering outstanding IT support, bulletproof data protection, business continuity and wireless solutions for hundreds of businesses and organizations throughout North Texas and beyond.  We have done this by staying true to our original vision and core values, by assembling an outstanding group of technical professionals, and by offering unparalleled quality and priority service to our clients.

Much has changed since Jon and Bruce started VentureNet.  Most of us are now inextricably dependent on IT, along with many other technologies that didn’t even exist in 1990. But VentureNet’s commitment to our clients has always remained the same: to provide best-in-class technical services and to leverage technology that drives profitability for our clients and helps them be truly successful in their industries.