Call in the Professionals to Assist With Your Upgrade

As your business grows, it’s inevitable that you will have to upgrade your technology in order to accommodate the growing demands on your network. Even if your business isn’t growing, your technology will age. Sooner or later, you will have to upgrade. When it comes time to upgrade, you can get the most out of your purchases with professional assistance.

Business technology is a major investment, and not just because of the large price tag. Equipping your office with the right solutions can be very profitable to your bottom line. If you understand what you’re paying for, and know how it will increase your productivity and revenue, then you will see the value of upgrading and do it with confidence. The IT professionals at VentureNet want to help you find an affordable technology solution that’s a perfect fit for your needs. We do this by taking the time to develop a business relationship with you. Here are 3 ways that a business relationship with VentureNet can help you get the most from your upgrade.


Having an Understanding of Your Goals and Needs

The advantage of a business relationship is that it’s rooted in providing you outstanding customer service. This comes from VentureNet taking the time to learn about the goals and the needs of your company, and then taking that knowledge to match what you need, with technology solutions you can afford.

Shopping for new technology can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know exactly what you need. By not a having a clear grasp on what you really need, it’s easy to fall for clever marketing ploys and buy an overpriced device just because an advertisement said it was the best. It’s kind of like going to the grocery store while you are hungry and buying the expensive junk food at the front of the store because of the cartoon characters on the packaging, when all you really need is one inexpensive and nutritious meal.


Knowing the Technology You Own

Why do you feel the need to upgrade from your old technology? Is it because feel the pains of using outdated equipment, or is it because you think your technology looks outdated? It may be that some of your old equipment is working fine, or just in need of an inexpensive tune up, instead of complete overhaul. It may even be that the piece of equipment you perceive to be in need of an upgrade, may actually be working fine, and your issue lies with a different piece of technology.

It’s a bad feeling when you drop the money to replace something that’s not broken, only to find out the issue lies somewhere else. Part of the business relationship equation means that we take the time to assess your current IT infrastructure; this way, you can have confidence in the equipment you are upgrading to, and get the most out of the technology you have by extending its life.


Predicting Your Future Needs

With these two big business relationship pieces in place, (us knowing your needs and your IT infrastructure), we can now work with you and accurately predict your future IT needs. We have a deep understanding of how technology affects business, along with the technology trends. We can also analyze your company’s growth projections to get a clear picture of what technology you will need in the next one-to-five years. You can think of this service as a form of insurance so you don’t get stuck having to replace equipment that you just purchased because your business outgrew it in only a few short months.

It’s reasonable to expect at least five years of use out of most computer network devices. When buying new technology, one mistake that businesses often make is only taking into consideration the current needs of their company. Having an IT Roadmap put together for you by VentureNet will empower you to shop smarter so you can buy exactly what you need, right when you need it. A good IT roadmap will also allow you to budget for your upgrades; this way, you won’t get stuck with an unexpected bill when your old equipment breaks.

Upgrading your network is a major expense. To upgrade properly, you will needs to take into consideration your company’s budget, needs and goals, plans for growth, as well as being aware of the technicalities of how the equipment works. Otherwise, you might buy the wrong technology and waste your time and money. With an important purchase like this, it’s good to have professional help. Give VentureNet a call at 214-343-3550 and let us get to know your business so we can help you upgrade your technology, along with your bottom line!