Dell Support Scam in the Wild

On Monday, April 2nd, Dell sent out a notice about tech support scams that have cropped up targeting Dell customers. Since we are a Dell partner and have put Dell machines at a lot of our clients, we are publishing this notice. The scam consists of a phone call from someone pretending to be a Dell technician and they are reporting a fictitious problem with your PC. In the process of validating your account with Dell, they attempt to get credit card information, passwords, Dell product information, or other sensitive information.

Dell does not have any kind of proactive support service that makes calls to their customers. As a result, these are always going to be scams. Do not give them any information, and above all do not let them connect to your computer remotely. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of such a claim, contact VentureNet for clarification.

As always, VentureNet can assist with technical issues on your systems, so give us a call.