We Are Like Having Insurance on Top of Your Insurance

Insurance companies will write a policy for anything that makes them profit. For example, British Insurance has collected over $3 million from Californians who have bought alien abduction insurance. You likely have insurance protecting your company’s assets from every kind of threat, even the extraterrestrial kind, but do you have an insurance policy for your company’s data?

While you can give British Insurance a call and probe them about their alien abduction insurance policy, you would be hard pressed to find an insurance company that will insure your company’s data. The reality of not finding coverage for your data is actually crazier than believing in aliens, because data is what a business runs on, and if something were to happen to your data, and it could not be recovered, then your business would have a higher risk of going under.

Managed IT services from VentureNet can protect your business from the risk of data loss. We even go one step further by remotely maintaining and supporting your technology; and as far as we’re concerned, we think this is better than insurance. This is because a traditional insurance policy will only take effect after a disaster happens, whereas managed IT services from VentureNet will help to prevent disasters.

To be clear, you will still want to have insurance for your office and hardware. In the event of a disaster, it’s advantageous to have a check that covers your losses. You can think of VentureNet as the perfect way to supplement your current insurance policy. If you have both traditional insurance and our managed IT services protecting your business, then you will have your hardware and your software covered, which makes for a strong business continuity plan. Here are three managed IT services from VentureNet that will essentially be like getting insurance for your insurance.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

A BDR solution continuously backs up your company’s data and recovers it in the event of a disaster. Even if a major disaster where to hit your business, like an alien death ray vaporizing your entire office, your data would be safe because a BDR will have it redundantly backed up to an offsite cloud server. After the aliens are defeated by Will Smith, and your new equipment is bought and installed, a BDR solution will then transfer your data to your new hardware and your business will be up and running again.


IT Vendor Management

Another way VentureNet is better than insurance is because we are dedicated to solving your technology problems. As great as insurance companies are at customer service, finding new ways to solve your problems is typically outside their scope of service.

Our IT vendor management service is a great example of how we go above and beyond to try and solve your technology problems. This service covers your technology that we do not specialize in repairing. If a piece of equipment covered by a vendor breaks, like a copy machine, we will contact the vendor on your behalf and schedule a fix, saving you hassle and making us your one point of contact for all your technology problems.


Managed Proactive IT Service

With our remote monitoring and maintenance tools, we can service and support all of your company’s servers and workstations from our end. Our managed IT services go beyond fixing broken computers, it provides your IT infrastructure with regular maintenance so all of your technology will run smoothly, which means that you will have fewer breakdowns.

Having your computers properly maintained is like having your car maintained by a professional mechanic every night while it’s parked in your garage. You will still want to have your car insured, but with proper maintenance, your car will last longer. Having proper car maintenance means there’s less of a chance you will need to cash in your insurance policy from your vehicle breaking down. In this same way, all of our managed IT services will protect the technology you think is valuable enough to insure.

If you want the best possible protection for your company’s technology by having your data backed up, making sure that all the equipment in your office is covered, and having your servers and workstations run at maximum efficiency, then give VentureNet a call at 214-343-3550.