Business Continuity

Data Protection & Business Continuity That Keeps You Going

What would it cost your firm – in lost productivity, lost revenues and lost customer satisfaction – if one of your key network servers crashed today? 

Managing risk is one of the highest priorities for businesses today. Data protection is critical to the survival and health of your organization.

Hazards to your data can come from all sides – hackers, system crashes, malfunctions and physical damage. All this can result in  serious and costly interruptions to your business process.  Some small businesses have gone out of business due to a single critical data loss event. keeps you prepared and protected against anything that would ruin or even interrupt company productivity.  You get enterprise-quality business continuity and data protection that bulletproofs all your data all the time, at an affordable cost. has multiple solutions for any crisis. We provide disk-to-disk onsite backup, plus offsite encrypted backup at two data centers in separate regions of the U.S.  Your data is quickly available in scenarios ranging from user-error-related data deletions, individual server crashes, or even the destruction of your entire IT infrastructure. Even fatal servers crashes won’t disrupt productivity – we simply and quickly launch a virtual server  – an exact duplicate of your downed server with all your current data – and we do so in minutes.   As more than one client has said, we take the “crisis” out of any data loss. We can even use this same data replication and virtualization technology to streamline migration from old, obsolete physical servers to newer, much faster servers.

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